Holiday Discount on taillight kits!!

Holiday Discount on taillight kits!!

Holiday Discount on taillight kits!!Holiday Discount on taillight kits!!Holiday Discount on taillight kits!!

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Crew cabs


C10 Crew Cabs

I have been a fan of C-10 Trucks for a long time. We truly enjoy seeing these trucks being built. We have went a step further and made what the Factory should have, a 4 Door Crew Cab in the era.


Tail Light Fuel Filler

This is an added feature for most the guys moving the fuel tank to the back of the truck.


Tail light Gas Filler

This is setup on the driver side tail light. Sold with a complete New Bedside already installed. Or you can buy just the kit and install yourself.

Our Love for C10's

Crew cabs - 4 Door


Complete 4 Door crew cabs. These are built to order

Taillight Fuel Filler


We love to see the many ways guys put fuel in the c-10 trucks. This is a way we designed threw the tail light.

Tail light fuel filler kits


We have designed a Tail light filler kit than can be welded in or bolted in

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Crewcab 4 Door Trucks

Complete truck build


We have built complete crew cab trucks from frame up.

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Buy the Tail Light Fuel filler here

Tail light Fuel filler Kit - Holiday special price $649.99

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is a complete bolt in or weld in Tail light Fuel filler kit.

This kit is designed to fit the 1967-1972 C10, C20 trucks

Comes with both new LED taillights, Gas Cap, Fuel neck, magnet, Vent hose and hardware to install.

This kit does require you to cut the inside of your bed stake pocket to fit, it is designed to be a "bolt in kit" however there is cutting required to install this will not be a 15 min install. Ask any all questions before you buy. I want you to know what your getting

Tail light fuel filler kits

These kits are custom made to open and put fuel in your gas tank from the tail light.

Our kit is designed to be hidden from inside the bed, you do not need to notch the inside of the bed for our kit, However as any of these kits it does require you to cut the inside of the stake pocket to fit the kit in. This kit can be welded or bolted in.

We sell the kit with Tail lights (LED both sides), the Gas cap, fuel neck, magnet, hinge, all hardware.

Kit is $700.00 Shipped to lower 48 states

We accept Paypal or credit cards at this time

Call us if you have questions or need to know our current lead time


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